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Birthday Parties

Fancy something different for your birthday party?

At Wat Tyler Country Park we offer a variety of children's party activities. 

The activities available include:

Minibeast hunt

Discovering the smaller creatures living in our woods, scrub and meadows. 

We will look for creatures like ants, spiders, centipedes and beetles using our sweep nets and magnifier pots and see what else we can spot in our minibeast areas.  You can even use our identification sheets to work out what you have found. 

This activity is best in the spring and summer months when there are more minibeasts around and they are easier to find.

Pond Dipping

Discovering the creatures living in our ponds.

We will use our pond dipping nets from our custom built platforms to first catch the creatures, then using the pond trays we can take an up close and personal look at the dragonfly nymphs, diving beetles, flatworms, pond snails and the many other creatures in our special constructed ponds. 

In the event of bad weather the trays containing the pond creatures can be moved inside to one of our nearby classrooms where they can be looked at in a warm and dry environment.


Explore the outdoors with your senses of sight, listening, touch and smell.

Using a range of different activities we will explore the outdoors with our eyes, ears, noses and hands. 

Activities include sticky palettes, eye in the sky, smell pots, feely socks, bird song game and listening tree.

By doing these activity we will not only have fun but also learn about the natural habitats and feel how other animals sense the world around them.

We also offer Cottage Fun, Paper Kite making or Soft Archery

When you book a party the room is available to you for 2 hours, with the education staff engage children for 1 + 1/4 hours and 3/4 hour for the party tea (self catered), and clearing up afterwards.  The hirer is responsible for clearing up.

Available weekdays (2hrs) between 4pm and 7pm and during school holidays between 10am and 7pm.

For children 4 and over.

Contact the Wat Tyler Education Team for details.

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