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Many schools visit Wat Tyler Country Park during the peak summer term. Whilst you are most welcome to visit us off-peak, we are able to bring our education to you at this quieter time of year (November to February).

For just £120/day we will provide 2 members of staff to deliver a range of activities either based in the classroom, or weather permitting, in your school grounds.

Heritage Crafts (KS1/2)

Coil pots, corn dollies, Tudor brick-making, wattle and daubing, spinning and weaving, beeswax candles, kite-making (additional materials charge of £1.15 per child applies)

Animals of Wat Tyler Woods (EYR/KS1)

Includes animal mask making, animal detectives, woodland food-chain story-telling, animal songs, meet the animals (life-like taxidermy specimens) and minibeast hunting.

Teddy Bear's Picnic (EYR/Yr1)

This programme focuses on the needs of wild animals through their love of their own teddy-bear, (or other cuddly toy). Children bring their toy animal to school to help them learn the secret of SWAF (shelter, water, air and food) that is essential to the survival of all animals. Children listen to/read the big-book story of teddy bears; test their own senses to understand how animals cope with life in the wild; follow a teddy paw-print trail to their teddy bear picnic lunch, play Teddy Bear Tag and visit Teddy Bear Island to build a shelter for their Teddy's.

Animal Adaptations (Mammals, Birds, Minibeast and Pond Creatures - KS1/2)

This programme can either use your own school pond/school grounds, or we can bring specimens for study. Children are introduced to our life-like taxidermy mammal and bird specimens to discuss their adaptations; discuss the ecology of pond and/or terrestrial habitats; play the "Pond Bingo" sorting game; carry out their own 'research' into their animal and create a "Passport" for their creature. We will also bring our high powered microscope to project mind-blowing close-ups of microscopic creatures found in pond water.

Exploring through Art (KS1/2)

Hedgehog Trail: Children are given a ball of clay to fashion into a hedgehog shape. They then have to follow a trail laid out around the school to find clues (set to poetry) to help them find the items required to make their own hedgehog's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, whiskers, tail and spines (using plant parts from the school grounds).

Observing the environment through our senses: Art requires children to use the full range of senses to experience the world around them, before committing to a piece of art. They carry out a series of sensory games including "Smelly Cocktails", "Fists-full of Sound", "Fingernails of Colour", "Meet a Tree" and "Eye in the Sky".

Discovering Shape, Texture and Colour: Children are reminded of the variety of shapes, colours and textures that can be observed in nature. These are explored through the collection of natural materials to create a piece of collaborative 2-D art either outside or in the classroom. Time permitting, there is the option of creating a collaborative desk-top piece of art using collected materials and clay.

Team Challenge (KS2)

Working in groups of 6 or 7 the children have to devise the solutions to a number of physical and mental challenges, including the memory testing "Vortex", the team coordination "Caterpillar", the trust building "Minefield" and the technically challenging "Egg Drop" (Ideally we would need access to a large hall or use of the school playground - weather permitting).

Free Outreach Opportunities

School Assemblies (January/February 2012)*
Arrange a date and we can deliver a Wat Tyler assembly (no charge).  This could be information about a forthcoming residential or day visit by your school, or it could be a general talk on the heritage and wildlife of Wat Tyler Country Park.

*Available for a charge at other times

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