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Pond life

There are many ponds in Wat Tyler Country park, and these are an important habitat to a number of species.

Within a pond there are different areas in which different creatures can be found.  The areas are shown on the pond cross section diagram below:

Pond diagram

Pond dipping in Wat Tyler Country Park (available as , Organised GroupsBirthday Parties or ) can turn up a number of interesting creatures.  Some of these are listed below:

Animals with legs:
Damselfly Nymph
Dragonfly nymph
Diving Beetle
Diving Beetle Larva
Great silver water beetle
Crawling water beetle
Lesser water boatman
Water scorpion
Water Stick Insect
Pond Skater
Water Louse
Freshwater Shrimp
Caddisfly Larva
Water Spider
Pirate Spider

Animals Without Legs
Ramshorn snail
Greater Pond Snail
Wandering Pond Snail
Peashell cockle
Bloodworm (Chironomid Midge Larva)
Mosquito larvae
Mosquito pupa
Phantom midge larva
Soldierfly Larvae
Water worm

Very Small Creatures
Water Mite
Water flea

Newt Tadpole
3 Spined Stickleback

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